Barbara Tricarico’s books on Oregon are a visual treat and a joy to read. The photos share an authentic local connection to the places and landscapes and her passion and knowledge of Oregon make her writing captivating and educational.

Sean Bagshaw

Barbara’s book contains an amazing selection of photos from Southern Oregon. It makes for a great coffee table book, as you can open it up anywhere and find inspiration for a day trip if you live near Ashland. I am especially impressed with the photographs by Sean Bagshaw and David Winston – two local favorite photographers. Very nice and worth the purchase price.

5 Star Amazon Review

Quilts of Virginia is a beautiful book, very well researched, that presents the quilts of Virginia along with the history surrounding the quilt-makers. Virginia was the home of so many early political and prominent figures in American History. In these pages you will find many familiar figures from Martha Washington to Willa Cather.

5 Star Amazon Review

This book celebrates Virginia’s history through the needle, as the subtitle states. that turns out to mean lots of beautiful quilts, examples of quilted amour and other clothing, lovely pictures of Virginia, and information about Virginians, many of whom might be unfamiliar or unknown to many of us who are not from Virginia.

5 Star Amazon Review

Barbara is such an accomplished photographer with an eye that sees and captures the beauty in whatever she is photographing. She also supports some 50 other photographers to showcase their work in the beautiful books she has created about Ashland and the day trips around Ashland.

 Penny Herman

If you’ve never been to Ashland, Oregon, you will no doubt add it to your bucket list after you flip through Barbara Tricarico’s “Ashland, Oregon” and “Ashland Day Trips”. You will find yourself mesmerized by the unique beauty captured in the stunning photographs of the place. And if you’ve visited Ashland, you’ll want to buy a copy of these books to keep your memories fresh until you can visit again.

Catherine Greenspan, Author
Two Sisters Writing and Publishing