“Spectacular images of Crater Lake, Mount McLoughlin, the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge and other areas of the Klamath Basin are among those featured in two new photography books by Barbara Tricarico….In compiling [her] books, Tricarico puts out requests to regional photographers for images they are willing to provide. She said it takes six to eight months to gather and cull through often thousands of images, narrow them by region, create the layout and write captions before sending them to Pennsylvania-based Schiffler Publishing. “That’s the satisfaction for me,” she said. “Finding the right image.” She went all over Oregon to gather and photograph for her new “Oregon” book. Among the published photos are several she took at the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge and Crater Lake National Park. Both of the new books include a variety of stunning photos taken at Crater Lake from little seen vantages.”